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The Best Skincare Arsenal Everyone Needs for Under £2? | Review

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I was in Boots the other day and I came across the Boots Essentials Skincare, which I hadn't tried before, so when I saw it was on offer for 3 for £3 or £1.99 each I knew I had to try it out just in case it did turn out to be pretty good!

I have combination skin which is really sensitive and these products claim to work well with all skin types, so I was intrigued to see if this was true. My Skincare Routine always has to include Moisturiser, Toner, Makeup Remover and Eye Cream so I thought these would be the best products to try out first. 

Cucumber Facial Toner: RRP £1.50 

I always love using toners after cleansing my skin as they re-hydrate your face again ready for moisturiser, however, I wasn't so blown away with this one as it felt very sticky and I just wanted to wipe it off. Although this wasn't as incredible as thee rest of their products, I do feel like you do get what you pay for with this Toner. 

Simply Sensitive Day Moisturiser SPF 15: RRP £1.99

I'm always a bit funny about moisturisers because I like it to feel like I have moisturiser on may face without it soaking into the skin and feeling dry again (if you know what I mean?). I've been using this for both a Day and Night Moisturiser and it has been keeping my skin hydrated all day/night. When I use other moisturisers, I have noticed that by the morning it's soaked into my skin and feels soo dry. However, with this one I can still feel it on my skin the next morning and it feels hydrated ... but not greasy!! 

Eye Makeup Remover Lotion: RRP £1.50

When taking off my eye makeup, I have always used either liquid or an oil type remover and I must say I was a bit apprehensive about putting lotion on my eye, just in case I was to get it in my eye. I thought that this was going to be like putting moisturiser on my eyes but as the consistency of this is very thin, it didn't. Also, as this is fragrance free it didn't irritate my eyes and it actually did take 'all traces of eye makeup off' as it states to do.

Cucumber Eye Gel: RRP £1.50

I have always found eye gels to be quite sticky under the eyes, so before trying this I already excepted the fact that I probably wasn't going to like this ... but this may have changed my opinion on them. I found this very cooling and soothing as well as hydrating which I liked because my under eyes get very dry, although since using this I have noticed that they haven't been as dry so I'm looking forward to seeing how this works over a longer period of time. 

Overall, the Boots Essentials Skincare range is a really winner with me because the products are really good quality and actually work, which could rival some of the bigger and more expensive brands on the market. I definitely think that these products are really under-rated and I would recommend these! Although, the Toner didn't work well for me, it may work better for other people, so I wouldn't rule out trying it!
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