Saturday, 8 July 2017


Hey everyone! Today I decided to do a TAG post because I haven't done one of these before and I thought I'd change it up a bit! The TAG I'm doing is called 'Tan Lines' which is essentially a Summer Tag.

1)  A House by the Beach or a House near the Lake?
  Definitely a House on the Beach, I love the Sand and being in the Sea. 

2)  Favourite Summer Hairstyle?
Hands down Beach Waves ... I don't know what the Sea does but it somehow tames my frizzy hair to make it look goood!

3)  Do you become easily tanned or do you get easily burned?
I'd say I tan pretty easily but I occasionally burn as well, so I'm in between. 

4)  Have you ever got a Henna Tattoo done?
No but I really want too ... especially a white one, I think it'll look so good with a tan!

5)  Campfire or Late Night Swimming?
Ooh this ones difficult because I'd love doing both of these. I see Campfires as being Autumnal so I'd have to say Late Night Swimming.

6)  If you could go anywhere during Summer where would you go?
The Maldives, I've always wanted to there ... it just looks so Tropical and a world away from home!

7)  Bikini's or Swimsuits?
Again, I'm in the middle because I love Bikinis as you get an all over tan and you can mix and match them. But, I also love low back and high leg swimsuits ... I just feel so Baywatch haha!

8)  Summer Makeup must haves?
I keep  my summer makeup to a minimal but I'd say a Cream Bronzer (because I don't like to get a tan on my face), Mascara and a Brow Gel.

9) How hot does it get where you live?
It's so unpredictable here in the UK but I'd say early to mid 20's. 

10)  Have you ever had a Summer love?
No ...😂 

11)  Number one thing on your Summer Bucket List? 
It would be really nice to have a BBQ on the Beach with some friends.

12)  Long or Short Hair during Summer?
As much of a pain and sweat mess it is, long hair!

13)  Do you wear makeup to the Pool or Beach?
Not really, I might sometimes put some Brow Gel on and of course lot's of SPF 50.

14)  Worst Summer Memory?
Luckily, I haven't had any bad Summer memories!

I tag everyone reading to do this TAG!

Until Next Time, 
Luci ♡♡


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