Saturday, 15 July 2017


After trying out another Beauty Subscription Box (you can check that post out here) and really liking all the products, I thought I would try another company. I've heard so many good things about Glossybox all over Social Media and Blog Posts so I thought this would be the best option to try next. 

 The boxes are £10 a month and you can decide which subscription you would like ... I used the one off subscription so I could try it out which I would recommend if you're not sure. For just £10 you receive multiple products that retail at much higher prices. Also, students can get 50% off their first box with UNIDAYS or you can get £5 off here.

The first item from the box is the Macaroon Tint Balm in Crushed Berry (RRP £5.99). I thought that the Macaroon pot was really cute and the balm is actually really pigmented, my only fault is that it's not a colour that I would wear. 

I also received these Spiral Hair Bands from Papanga which retail at £4.99 and  you get 3 in a set.. I've really been trying to take care or my hair lately and after finding out that normal elastic hair bands can cause the hair to become damaged and split, I've been using these type of hairbands all the time so I'm happy to have more now! 

 The next item that I received was the Spectrum Collections Fan Brush (A10) which retails at £4.99. I've been wanting to buy some Spectrum Brushes for the longest time so to have received one in this months box gives me the chance to try one out. I always thought that they're quite pricey in the sets but to be honest I can see why now, because they're really good quality and they're so pretty. 

Next up is the Bellapierre Cosmetics Banana Setting Powder (RRP £25). I've never tried out a loose Banana Powder before but I've heard that they're really good for colour correcting and highlighting as well as setting. My first impressions is that this looks quite dark so I'm not sure how this will look after baking but I'll still give it ago because it may work just fine!

The last item that came was the MONUspa Soothing After Sun (RRP £19.95). In my last subscription box review I received the Hydrating Mask from MONUspa and I have been really liking that so I'm exited to try another product from their range. 

Total price of the Products in the July Box - £60.92. 

£60.92 worth of products for just £10 ... how could you say no to that. I'm loving the idea of Subscription Boxes at the moment because it gives you a chance to try out products or brands that you may not have thought about trying before. These boxes can also be really good gift ideas.

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  1. I'm going to see if the box is still available, because I really want that fan brush! x

    Velvet Blush

    1. Oo, I hope it is!! Me too, I'm looking forward to using it! Xx

  2. That fan brush looks so pretty! I've never tried a banana powder either but thats such a cool addition to the box xx Brynn

    1. I know it's soo pretty!! And me neither I'm looking forward to seeing how it looks☺️Xx

  3. This box looked so good!! I used to be subscribed to glossybox but converted to birchbox, I might have to reconsider :') x

    1. I know, I was actually pleasantly surprised. I haven't tried Birchbox yet, I might have too! 🤔☺️ Xx


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