Saturday, 1 July 2017

50 Blog Post Ideas!

1. OOTD's
2. FOTD's (Face Of The Day)
3. How-to or Tutorial
5. A Video? e.g. A vlog?
6. Bucket List
7. Wishlist
8. Monthly Favourites
9. A Haul
10. Reviews e.g. of Products/Restaurants/ Hotels etc.
11. Giveaway
12. Q & A
13. Your favourite memory
14. A personal experience that your readers could relate to?  e.g. Anxiety, Break Ups etc.
15. Baking Post
16. Your Routine e.g. Morning/Evening/Skincare etc.
17. Whats in my Bag? - Makeup or Handbag
18. Things to do in (***) e.g. Brighton
19. A Tag e.g. Get to know me?
20. An Interview with a Public Figure ... Blogger/Youtuber etc.
21. A Letter e.g. to your younger self
22. Advice on starting Blogging
23. Hacks - Beauty/Life
24. Storytime - something that happened to you good/bad
25. A Collab? - with a fellow blogger/youtuber or even a Brand?
26. Your Favourite Youtubers?
27. (X) Things you've learnt in (X) amount of years! - on your Birthday?
28. What you got for Birthday/ Christmas
29. A post about your dream job?
30. A post about a popular event e.g. Coachella/ Grammys - Your fave Celeb outfits etc?
31. An Advice Post?
32. Your Travel / Holiday Essentials
33. Your Workout Routine
34. Weighloss Tips
35. Healthy Snack Ideas!
36. A Survey - to find out more about your readers and what they want to see on your Blog
37. FAQ - Answer your most asked questions
38. A Day Out Post - what you did, where you went etc.
39. Gift Ideas for Him/Her - Christmas/Birthday/Valentines
40. An Overview Post of a Year? (New Years)
41. New Years Resolutions and Goals
42. Your Seasonal Staples? - What you wear in Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter!
43. A Chatty Post? - Talk about the latest goings on in the World/ your Country and your thoughts on it!
44. Festive Blog Posts - Christmas/Halloween/Easter
45. Halloween Makeup Look
46. DIY Post
47. Guest Post - have a friend/ fellow blogger or someone else write a post to go on your blog
48. Your Biggest Fears Post
49. What (* an experience *) has taught you? - e.g. your old jobs
50. A Day in the Life

I hope these Ideas have given you some inspo to write another post and if you have any other ideas then please let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Just read this post, and really really love it! Such great ideas, some of which I have never seen on posts like this before, really love the originality! I will certainly be using some of these when I get writers block! lots of love, Gabby x (@gabbyfabrizio - Twitter)


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