Wednesday, 31 May 2017

May Favourites 2017!

It's that time again when everyone starts sharing there monthly favourites ... June already ... where has May gone?! You all seemed to really like my April Favourites so I thought I would share this months favourites with you!
This month I've been trying to start using new products that I've had sitting in my collection for a while and I've really been liking these bits!

The RCMA No Color Powder  is one of the newest products in my Makeup Collection and I've really liked wearing it, especially recently as the weathers been getting warmer. During warmer months my base makeup gets very dewy and wanting to take it off ASAP, whereas this powder has been keeping my skin matte all day but without making it too dry and flaky (I know, yuck!).

The website claims that this powder 'applies seamlessly, buffs effortlessly  without leaving behind an ashy cast or altering the colour of your foundation. Ideal for trends such as baking, the non-caking finish of this professionally developed powder, makes your makeup stay all day.'

I would agree with this as this has helped to keep my makeup on all day, it doesn't cause my makeup to crease and it IS actually translucent. I find that a lot of loose 'translucent' powders actually have quite an orange colour too them, especially the drugstore ones, and this is invisible and doesn't change the colour of the concealer/foundation under it.

RCMA No Color Powder : // £12

I find it very hard to find face washes that suit my skin because I get very bad acne and I have combination skin so it's hard to find something that works for all types of skin. I have really been liking this one, this month because it doesn't leave my skin dried out and begging for moisturiser. This has also helped to clear most of my acne, clear blackheads and get rid of the redness. I would really recommend this to you all, but in particular, those of you with spot prone skin. Although, I have only been using this for 2 and a half weeks, I'm really looking forward to see if this face wash can help clear my acne once and for all!

I've had MAC Fix+ for a while now and I used to use it all the time since I bought it, which was around Christmas time, but for some reason I didn't find myself reaching for it as much. Since it's started to get quite warm in England (which is very rare, haha!) I've really been liking it even more than before because it makes my skin so much more hydrated and gives it a new lease of life both. I also really like that you can use this as a primer, as a setting spray and also throughout the day to hydrate your skin. If you've been umming and ahhing about trying this out, I would really recommend you to try this, you will not be disappointing.

MAC Desert Rose: I'm not very much of a blush wear as I usually just keep to bronzy looks with a poppin' highlight but this blush has changed EVERYTHING for me. This is quite a dark, rosey colour, which doesn't look very summery, but it almost looks quite bronzey on when it's blended in with the bronzer. This is very pigmented though, but I would say that's a good thing as you only have to use a tiny bit and it lasts a long time ... I just love it, I can't fault it.

If you know me you'll know that the only lip products I wear are nudes and they're literally always matte but during the summer I like to try and add a pop of colour and these two have been my go-to's over the past couple of weeks.

This is the MAC Lipglass in Pink Lemonade which, as you can tell from the swatch, is a bright pink, although this does look really nice on, I think this could look even nicer with a tan. Also during the summer I find that my lips get quite dry or even burnt so i try and steer clear of matte lipsticks and reach for lipglosses to keep my lips hydrated. 

So I was saying that I try and steer clear of matte lipsticks during the summer and here I am talking about on of my favourite MATTE liquid lipsticks from this month ... oops haha! Anyway, this is the Rimmel Provocalips in 'Kiss Me You Fool', I really like this because, although it is matte, it has a high shine gloss that you put on with it and it really hydrates your lips again. If you find you get quite dry lips during the summer as well then I would suggest trying an SPF Lipscreen, you can get them anywhere but I love this one :

Reds such a versatile colour and can look great during the Spring and Summer as well as the fall and around Christmas and I think thats why I really like this lip colour because I always miss the summer because of the Pinks and Oranges etc. which I wont have to do with this one, so you may see this on me A LOT over the coming months.

Nivea Sensitive Day Cream SPF 15: This is also fairly new to my collection but my skin has been loving life. I find a lot of moisturizers don't work very well with makeup (idk if that's just me?) as they can cause me to get quite oily or to go patchy but this one goes on so thin and soaks into the skin so it feels hydrated but it doesn't feel heavy. Also this has SPF 15 in it, which I would prefer to be  much higher, as I usually use SPF 50 because I'm so scared about getting wrinkles!



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