Wednesday, 26 April 2017

My top 5 favourite Youtubers! - Girls

I'm always watching YouTube videos, more than I do the TV, so I thought I would share with you some of my favourite YouTubers. 

1. ilikeweylie 

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Weylie is one the first Youtubers that I came across (along with a couple of others that I will list later) and I still watch her to this day! Weylies posts videos relating to Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle as well as posting vlogs with her boyfriend on their joint channel WahlieTV. She now has 1.5 million subscribers which is crazy to think as I've watched her for about 4 or 5 years which I think was before she hit 100,000😯

2. Ciaoobelllaxo (now known as Megan Leigh)

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Megan is also someone that I came across first, around the same time as Weylie, and I never miss a video. Megan was around the age I am now (maybe a little younger) when I first came across her and it's nice to see her videos go from very beauty, fashion related to now more family life on her vlogs 'lavitadimeg'.

3. Saffron Barker

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I came across Saffron around the time she actually started her channel back in 2015. I feel like Saffron is such a relatable and lovely person from what I can tell from her videos. She's always so happy and hyper which reflects on her audience and no matter what mood your in she will always be able to cheer you up. Saffrons channel has videos for everyone as they're beauty, fashion, lifestyle. She also vlogs every single day on her vlog channel 'saffronbarkervlogs' where she also has many travel vlogs as well so I feel like that's why so many people enjoy watching her videos because there is something for everyone.

4. Emily Canham

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Emily is another Youtuber that I have watched for years and she also does many beauty, fashion and lifestyle related videos as well as the occasion vlog on her vlogging channel 'emilycanhamvlogs'. Emily is also one of those happy youtubers that will also make you happy, however, she does keep it real and you see the down side to her as well, just like Saffron^. If you haven't already I would definitely check out her videos!

5.  Lauren Platt

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I actually came across Lauren on The X Factor (before she started YouTube) and then when the show finished she started YouTube and her blog and I have kept up with her ever since. I really like Lauren's videos as she does lots of different videos including singing, reviews, tutorials, tags etc... If you haven't already I would recommend checking out her videos because she seems like such a lovely person and I know you will all enjoy her videos!

I love coming across new Youtubers so if you have any that I may not know about then please leave them in the comments below or let me know your thoughts on the Youtubers I have picked out!

Also if you would like to see me do another favourite youtubers blog but for the guys I watch then please let me know!

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  1. I'll have to check all of them out! I need some new YouTubers to watch. :)



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