Saturday, 1 April 2017

My Favourite Spring / Summer Blushes!

1. Cindy- Lou Manizer by The Balm - RRP £20

theBalm Cindy Lou Manizer Rose Highlighter

During Spring and Summer I love to wear quite shimmery blushes to make my makeup look extra luminous and I find that it really makes your cheeks POP! Cindy-Lou Manizer is one of my favourite as its incredibly pigmented is a very pale pink.

2. Modern Mandarin by MAC - RRP £19.50

Modern Mandarin is another one of my favourite blushes as it is an orange shade (it's described as a Red-Orange) with a satin finish and this looks incredible on - especially with a tan.

3. Benefit Cheekathon Palette - RRP £49.50.

This palette has lots of different blush shades (and the Hoola Bronzer) and in the Spring and Summer I love to wear Dandelion (top left), Rockateur (top right) and Coralista ( bottom middle). These blushes are so pigmented, so they last a while as you don't need much. Both Dandelion and Coralista have matte finishes and Rockateur had a shimmery finish. Although the palette may seem expensive for £50 it comes with 5 full size pans of the blushes and a brush and if you purchase each blush separately they're £24.50 each😯      

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  1. The cindy-Lou sounds amazing! I really want to get that for summer now. X


    1. Ahh I know it looks so lovely on and you should! you wont be disappointed! xx

  2. I love that Benefit palette, it's my go-to!

    Beauty From Katie


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