Saturday, 25 March 2017

Small lash haul!

Hey everyone, welcome back.

Recently,I have developed a love for false lashes and have been obsessed with buying more so I thought I would share with you the ones I picked up. 

All lashes from

1st pair: Style #11
I decided to pick these lashes up as they're wispy, have a tapered end and they're supposed to be very  lightweight, so I'm really exited to try these. 

I wanted to pick up on my favourite Peaches & Cream lashes in styles no.01 and no.09 which I have been loving recently to wear everyday as  they're both fairly  natural and wispy. I also picked up a pair of style no.08 as these are much longer and thicker so will be nice to wear for more dressy make up looks.

The last pair of lashes that I picked up are the Kiss Lashes in the style Ritzy. These stood out to me as they're also very wispy but not to long and full. These lashes can be worn for everyday and more dress looks. 

You can also use code 'LASH10' for 10% off!

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  1. I really need to get some more lashes so will definitely look in to these! X



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