Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Bootea teatox - does it actually work!

Recently I came across a teatox brand called Bootea over on Instagram and Twitter where so many people had been talking about it and had said that the teatox really does work, so I thought I'd  try it out and let you all know my thoughts on it.

I decided to try the 28 day teatox  ( I got two 14 day Teatox's... I think the 28 day one was out of stock when I bought it) which comes with 28 day tea's and 14 bedtime cleanse tea's. The day time tea is a 'loose leaf' tea and the night time tea is peppermint and has a lactose effect. I actually really liked the morning teas and would look forward to having it every morning and the night time tea I didn't enjoy so much but it wasn't horrible.

After around 7 days, I started to notice that my bloat was pretty much gone, but it had completely gone by 14 days! As well as this, this tea really gave me a lot of energy, the day time tea made me feel awake in the mornings rather than sluggish and the night time tea really helped me relax in the evenings and get to sleep a lot easier. I also noticed that my skin cleared up a lot over the 28 days.

I would really recommend this teatox as it DOES actually stop you bloating but also has a lot of other benefits including, giving you more energy, helping you sleep at night and clearing up your skin.

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